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Are Mentally Ready?

We often ask God for things but are we mentally ready to receive them? Folks often wish they could win the lottery, but are you mentally ready for your life to change in that way? Winning the lottery can change the way people act towards you and the way you act towards people. Ask yourself, am I ready? Am I grounded enough for such blessing. Folks often ask to find the love of their life, but are you whole and healed enough to receive such blessing? You have to be complete as an individual before you can offer yourself to another person. Wanting to be loved properly is a huge task. Are you ready for that?

I am a bariatric weight loss patient. I lost 405 pounds with the highest weight of 600. I prepared by losing 100 pounds before surgery but that still wasn't enough. Losing so much weight so quick left me with low self esteem and body dysmorphia. I pray, meditate and workout till this very day. Life will throw curve balls at you and you have to be mentally ready. When you are mentally ready, nothing can break. Life is what it is. You must be eternally strong. Don't look for strength within other people. Don't rely on strength and happiness from other people. It wont work and it wont last. I wanted the surgery. I took the steps to get it and I walk the steps to maintain the results.

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  I have a personal connection with mental illness awareness and suicide prevention. I know just how important it is to take care of your mental health. I have been in therapy since the age of 10. I've spent the majority of my life trying to maintain a sane mindset. Somedays are good and other days are not so good. But most importantly, I refuse to give up. I won't give up on me 

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