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What's Really Important

Are you pouring into yourself enough?

What is the last thing you did for yourself? When is the last time something nice for yourself? When is the last time you gave yourself a compliment? If you don't know the answers to these questions, that means you are not pouring into yourself enough. As individuals, we need to normalize putting ourselves first. Put yourself first without feeling bad for it. Honestly, you are no good to anyone else if you are not good to yourself first.

Here are some ways that I put myself first:

Exercise as often as possible

Block negative reacting triggers such as: gossiping, negative people, hostile environment, arguing

Dismiss and/or walk away from drama or loud talking people

Drink water

Do not traject my views on others and not to allow others to traject theirs views onto me

Keep my hair and nails professionally done

Laugh a lot.

Smile a lot

Why is pouring into yourself the biggest investment that you will ever make?

You are responsible for you! You are responsible for your health, happiness and most importantly, your well-being. It is very importantly for pour into yourself. Regardless of what anyone tells you, NO ONE will care and protect you like you will do yourself. Never leave you happiness and well-being in anyone else's hands. Make you a priority! Make you happy! Make you laugh. Find ways to enjoy you own time! Learn something new and exciting! Find multiple ways to find love and happiness within yourself.

When you put yourself second, you began to live your life for others. NO! DO NOT DO IT! Just stop and ask yourself, is this person putting me first? If the answers are "no" then why in the world would you be putting them first. Life is too short to carry the baggage of another person who isn't pouring into you.

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  I have a personal connection with mental illness awareness and suicide prevention. I know just how important it is to take care of your mental health. I have been in therapy since the age of 10. I've spent the majority of my life trying to maintain a sane mindset. Somedays are good and other days are not so good. But most importantly, I refuse to give up. I won't give up on me 

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