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I have been battling myself mentally about quitting my job for months. I don't hate my job by any any means, it just does not give me any fulfillment. I have cried and prayed to God for clarity on what to do. I want to follow my dreams! My dreams to to educate the world on how mental health and physical health collides. I truly believe you can not have one without the other. Quitting my job seems so unsafe especially because we could be heading into another recession. I spoke with everyone who is close to me about my wanting to quit my job. I received mixed feedback but ultimately the decisions is mines to make, and I made it! I sent in my letter of resignation and my last day is 7-27-2022.

I am already a certified mental health life coach, so now i will achieve my personal trainer certification. People have all types of reasons as to why they can not lose weight or keep off weight. By doing so, I will be able to address not only the physical battle people have with losing weight but also mental. Everything comes down to your mindset. So I have to first understand your mental abilities before we can achieve physical success. I know that this may be risky, but MUST TAKE A CHANCE. I will do my best to work hard and pass my classes. Helping mentally and physically is my passion. I know that I will succeed. All things possible thru the grace of God

I will enroll and start classes August 2022 and take my time. I do not want to rush the process at all. I will document my journey, the whole way thru. I know some days will be better than others, I expecting that. The most important factor is that I do not give up.

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I first want to apologize for not blogging in months! I left my full-time job in July 2022 and in which I was using their computer system to blog regularly. I left because my job brought me absolutely

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  I have a personal connection with mental illness awareness and suicide prevention. I know just how important it is to take care of your mental health. I have been in therapy since the age of 10. I've spent the majority of my life trying to maintain a sane mindset. Somedays are good and other days are not so good. But most importantly, I refuse to give up. I won't give up on me 

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