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What's Really Important

Transform your Lazy days into Learning days!

What better time than now?! Select something that you always wanted to do. Always wanted to try. Go after it. It doesn't matter if you fail or succeed the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time. The fact that you stepped out your comfort zone and tried something different, should be enough to pat yourself on the back.

Use your free time to learn something new. Embark on a new journey. Always remain open minded. Be open to learning new things and gaining additional knowledge. You never know how the new information that your learn may effect your life. Be positive, be persistent, be present! The sky is the limit!

Trust Yourself. Listen to Yourself

“Routine is easy. Change is hard. But change worth it”

Believe first, and Everything else shall follow

I was sitting at home, on a slow unproductive day , and I just added up the amount I pay in rent for a year. I was shocked and also quite disgusted. I called my mentor and said " Terry, I pay so much in rent, I might as well buy a house". She then replied "well, let's do it then". I was scared simply because I knew nothing about housing. I knew nothing about maintaining that type of responsibility. I began to ask questions and do research regarding homeownership. I was receptive of the every challenge that came along with the process, and Lord knows it was a very trying process. Needless to say, I love being a home owner. I'm still learning things about homes. I took a step out on faith. I took a chance on me. I changed my routine from renting apartments to becoming a home owner.

Find Your Motivation!!!

“Who knows you, better than you know you? Abolish Naysayers!

Get Inspired

This is your time. Use your free time to try a new recipe or watch a new documentary. Make a change. Who ever said being the same would help you grow and prosper? Good luck!

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  I have a personal connection with mental illness awareness and suicide prevention. I know just how important it is to take care of your mental health. I have been in therapy since the age of 10. I've spent the majority of my life trying to maintain a sane mindset. Somedays are good and other days are not so good. But most importantly, I refuse to give up. I won't give up on me 

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