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Wearing your Imperfections with Confidence

What is an imperfection? It means "a fault, blemish, or undesirable feature". I feel that wearing your imperfections with confidence is the best thing you could do for yourself. It not only shows that you are ok with your flaws, it shows that you are perfectly ok with not being perfect.

When you are confidence, it shows your self worth and radiation. No one will be able to offend you. You are enterally strong. Being ok with yourself is an amazing thing. I had to learn to be ok with myself. I had to learn that my imperfections were not flaws, but better yet battle scares. I don't want to be perfect. Perfection is boring and unexciting. I was some SPICE AND EXCITEMENT. I want to catch people off guard and shock them with my confident imperfections.

With losing a lot of weight, I have several pounds of loose skin. I use to wear long sleeve shirts year round because I was embarrassed of my body. People stared at me when I was 600 pounds simply because I was the largest person they had ever seen. Now if I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt, people still stare. People associate loose skin with old age or giving birth. I use to shy away. NOT ANY MORE. I wear my arms out all the time. I have not yet built the confident to wear the remaining you my body. I am getting their. I don't mind being me. I'm not perfect. My body is wrinkled and saggy and I'm ok with it until I can get it removed.

You are beautiful. Tell yourself this everyday. Tell other people everyday. Wearing your imperfections with confidence makes you an amazingly strong person. You have the strength to do much more than other can.

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